Worker Benefits


Apprenticeship programs integrate systematic on-the-job training, guided by an experienced master-level practitioner in an occupation, with classroom instruction. The federal government, in cooperation with the states, registers apprenticeship programs that meet federal and state standards. The best programs—which provide multiple industries with highly skilled workers who earn family-sustaining wages—are registered with government agencies, operated by sponsors representing labor and management organizations and funded through collectively bargained contributions to tax-exempt trust funds.

better pay

Tennessee Workers Alliance advocates for policies that promote a full-employment economy at wages high enough to allow working people to support their families. We work to combat policies that erode the rights of working people, and we work to make sure the wealth-generating labor of working people is rewarded justly. To achieve this, we support a broad range of policies, including restoring the minimum wage to a living wage, pay equity for women and people of color, restoring overtime protections, prevailing wage standards, and putting an end to wage theft and the rampant misclassification of employees as independent contractors.Tennessee


Americans want and need health care that allows children to grow into their potential and grandparents to be an active part of family life.  We will continue to advocate for affordable health care for all Americans and to protect and strengthen the family protection programs that provide vital care to millions of children and seniors.

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